Help the world a little at a time.

Micro-donating makes giving easy.

The American Museum of Natural History

Help the world a little at a time.

Micro-donating makes giving easy.

NPR (National Public Radio)

Small sacrifices, over time, can make a big difference.

Going out to lunch can cost as much as $12.00/day. Pack a lunch instead and you can donate $60 a week to your favorite charity!

What Is AllGive?

AllGive is devoted to helping everyone give, regardless of financial constraints. The makers of AllGive have created a one-of-a-kind payment system that allows for microdonations to your favorite charities. If you can afford as little as $3/day, you can donate over $100/month to your favorite charity and never feel a thing. A comprehensive list of charities is available to choose from and more are being added every day. Create an account and start giving today!

Available Charities

My dad had diabetes so I’ve always liked the idea of giving to find a cure. AllGive makes it easy to give, and even easier to see where and how much I’ve given. You’ve got to try it!

James S.
Providence, RI

There really is no excuse not to give to a charity, and AllGive makes it super easy. I don’t even miss the daily donations I’ve been making. Everyone can afford a few dollars a day!

Katie D.
Atlanta, GA

I’ve always wanted to give to charity, but I’ve never felt like I was in a position to do it financially. With AllGive I can give a little every day and it adds up super fast!

Thomas M.
Tucson, AZ